“Twenty two years ago I told you about Donald Trump, who he was spiritually and how GOD was raising him to lead and deliver America right here in this Church AND MANY OF YOU DIDN’T believe ME.

When the prophecy came to pass two years ago you came back to me and said that I was right after all.

What you fail to understand is that it is not me that says or determines these things but GOD.

HE merely uses me to pass HIS messages to HIS people. It is left to them to either believe it or not but whatever the case HE will do HIS will.

Yes I have interceded for Africa and there is hope on the horizon. I saw Nigeria’s President Mohammed Buhari when he came to visit our President at the White House and all I could see and sense around him was death, darkness and evil.

The good news is that it will be all over for him sooner than he thinks. He and the one called Paul Biya in the Cameroons.
Their chapter is already closed. I won’t say more than that but you can take it to the bank.

There is a silent shifting in the circles of power in Africa that will soon manifest in the physical realm.

To my African friends I have prayed and I see five rising stars and powerful forces on the continent that will shape the future of their respective nations.

They were each specially prepared and raised by GOD and they are men of power and destiny.

They are like a raging storm that will sweep away the old order and destroy the forces of neo-colonialism, ignorance, tyranny, savagery and conservatism.

They are Julius Malema, from South Africa, Asari Dokubo, from the West Africa’s Niger Delta, Nnamdi Kanu, from Biafra, Femi Fani-Kayode, from Nigeria and a young man from Uganda who I saw but whose name I wasn’t given.

Do any of our African friends that are here today know any of these people?
If you do tell them this is what I said and pray for them.

There are other nations in Africa but South Africa and Nigeria are very special to GOD and are critical for His end-time plan.
They are the driving forces of Africa and its engine room.
Without them black Africa will continue to fall behind.

The men I mentioned are fearless warriors and deliverers. They all wear golden crowns, with full matching armour and they each carry a mighty sword in their hand. They are not ordinary. GOD is with them.

I have never been to Africa and I have never spoken to or met any of them but these are the names that were revealed to me and that is what GOD said about each of them.

They cannot die or be killed before their time and they cannot be stopped.
They are like a raging storm.
Remember these names.

Watch them over the next few years and see how GOD will use them to reshape and rebuild Africa.”

– Rev. Fraser Benedict Shankhill, USA.


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