Kanu - IPOBThe leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu will on Saturday address his members and entire people of Biafra on the position of the group concerning the forthcoming general elections.

Mr. Kanu will address his supporters through a live broadcast from Israel.


Recall that the pro-Biafran group has always maintained its opposition to the conduct of elections in the South East and other Biafra territories.

The group always insisted that what it needed was a referendum to break away from Nigeria to establish Independent Republic of Biafra.


In a statement on Wednesday by Comrade Emma Powerful, Spokesman of IPOB, the group said the live broadcast will be aired in all Biafra radios and platforms and sicail media at 6pm Nigeria time.


The statement which said the IPOB leader will make the broadcast from Israel, added that Kanu will also use the opportunity to address the issue raised by Ebonyi state governor David Umahi during the launch of Operation Python Dance 3 recently in Abakaliki.


“This is to notify the general public that our leader and prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be addressing Biafrans, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom on live interactive session via Radio Biafra from the state of Israel on Saturday 12th January 2019.


The interactive session by our leader will address the issue of betrayal and treachery by David Umahi of Ebonyi state and some other Igbo governors serving Muhammadu Buhari that have the temerity to instruct Nigerian soldiers and police to kill our people since the inception of this divine cause championed by IPOB.

”The prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will also address the issue of Election Boycott in Biafraland during the interactive session on Saturday from the state Israel. Unlike Jubril (aka) Muhammadu Buhari who doctored and refused to come on live television interviews or fields questions from the press. Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will address each and every question put to him during this epic broadcast on Saturday by 6pm Biafra time.


“This interactive session will be simulcast on Radio Biafra platforms on air, satellite and social media. Questions can be submitted during the live address via Mazi Nnamdi Kanu page on Facebook, Radio Biafra page and Radio Biafra London group all on Facebook.


Telephone numbers for callers wishing to ask questions will be also advertised during the program. Inform your family, friends and colleagues to join us on Saturday evening by 6pm Biafra time”


Worldwide Time Zones:

* 6:00 PM Biafra Time

* 5:00 PM London Time

* 7:00 PM Berlin Time

* 8:00 PM Jerusalem, Israel Time

* 7:00 PM Paris, France Time.

* 2:00 AM Tokyo, Japan Time.

* 7:00 PM South Africa Time.

* 7:00 PM Rome, Italy Time.

* 10:30 PM India Time.

* 8:00 PM Cyprus Time.

* 1:00 PM Washington, DC, USA Time.

* 8:00 PM Nairobi, Kenya Time.

* 2:00 AM Tokyo, Japan Time.

* 7:00 PM Berlin, Germany Time.

* 8:00 PM Moscow, Russian Time.

* 2:00 PM Brazilian Time.

* 7:00 PM Madrid, Spain Time.

You are hereby encouraged to duly inform all your family members and well wishers to join us as we all tune into Radio Biafra on live broadcast, as stipulated above per date and time.

Radio Biafra Tune in CHK 102.1 FM or download Radio Biafra App on your phone or go to our website http://www.rblworld.tv
you will get it loud and clear.
The live broadcast can also be monitored through any of the under-listed channels, via:
* Radio Biafra App
* Tunein Radio App
* Simple Radio App
* http://www.radiobiafra.co
* http://www.ipob.co
Also follow and like us on Facebook official page @ Radio Biafra London.

-Radio Biafra/TV on Satellite
On our Yamal-402 DTH Platform:
Frequency: 20/C band 55°E, freq 11045MHz
Pol: Vertical Symbol Rate: 40MSym, DVB-S,
QPSK, 2/3 FEC, Service ID: 5

-Radio Biafra is also on Satellite AMOS 5 satellite @ 17E. Frequency: 12216V S/R: 27500 FEC-3/4

Visit our website link @:
For more Information on how to listen to the
broadcast anywhere you are all over this planet earth, the following are the very simple alternative means.
≈ If you are in Biafra land you can tune to your
FM Radio frequency at 102.1 or 100.2.
≈ Radio Biafra is also on Satellite AMOS 5

satellite @ 17E. Frequency: 12216V S/R:27500

≈ Radio Biafra is also on App.
— On your Android phone below are the
procedures you need to take;
I) Simply download the Radio Biafra app through your Google play store (Type “Radio Biafra” and Search) then Install it.
II) Open the app and click on the play icon.

— Or download Simple Radio App through the
following procedures:
I) Simply download the Simple Radio app through your Google play store (Type “Simple Radio” and Search) then Install it.
II) Open the App and scroll down to locate Radio Biafra.
II) Click on the play icon and Enjoy!!

≈ Also follow and like us on our official Facebook page Radio Biafra to watch the live studio broadcast.
≈ You can listen through phone-call. You must have enough Airtime between 1,500-2,000 Naira for the whole program at exactly 6pm.

Dial: 01440566 or 014405265 to listen on your phone.

IPOB Leadership

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