President Donald TrumpThe U.S. and EU had sent food and medical supplies to Colombia’s border with Venezuela where it will be stockpiled until it can be delivered to Venezuela, U.S. officials with knowledge of the plan said on Tuesday.


One official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the aid will be prepositioned at the main Colombian-Venezuelan border crossing at Cucuta.


It is unclear how the supplies will get into Venezuela without the blessing of President Nicolas Maduro and cooperation of the Venezuelan military, which has remained loyal to the socialist leader and is stationed on the Venezuelan side of the border.


The U.S. officials said trucks carrying the humanitarian aid were headed to Cucuta and would arrive later this week at the request of Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido, who in January declared himself as interim president.


Prepositioning aid in warehouses or in truck convoys at border posts for weeks, or sometimes months, is common while officials negotiate the safe passage of humanitarian supplies to those in need.


Pressure is growing on Maduro to step down after more than a dozen EU nations, including Britain, Germany and France, on Monday joined the U.S., Canada and a group of Latin American countries in recognising Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader.


However, Russia, China and Turkey continue to back Maduro, accusing Western nations of meddling in Venezuela’s internal affairs.


The 35-year-old Guaido, the head of Venezuela’s National Assembly, has galvanised the opposition with a hopeful message.


He has repeatedly called on Venezuela’s military, which has remained loyal to Maduro, to support a transition to democracy.


The U.S. could attempt to seek the approval of the UN Security Council to deliver aid without Maduro’s cooperation, but Russia could block such a move.


So far, Maduro has rejected foreign aid. “We are not beggars. You want to humiliate Venezuela, and I will not let our people be humiliated,” he said on Monday.

Maduro’s government, overseeing an economic collapse that has prompted three million Venezuelans to flee the country, lashed out at the EU nations, saying their move would affect relations with Caracas.


In a statement, it accused them of submitting to a U.S. “strategy to overthrow the legitimate government” and singled out Spain, which had previously led mediation efforts, for acting “cowardly.”


With almost no information about how aid will be distributed, the Cucuta crossing from Venezuela appeared to be quiet on Tuesday.


The largest city along the frontier, Cucuta has borne the brunt of the arriving migrants. Thousands of people cross the pedestrian bridge daily lugging suitcases and plastic bags.


“Maduro doesn’t want help,” said Carolina Rozo, 20, as she crossed the bridge with a wheeled metal shopping cart.


“He wants us to be poor. We have to come to buy food because we cannot even get cooking oil and eggs in Venezuela.”


Also, the EU earmarked an additional 5.72 million dollars (5 million euros) in aid to the Venezuelan people on Tuesday, amid diplomatic efforts to resolve the country’s political crisis.


Many accused Maduro of mismanagement, with external factors such as oil prices also playing a role.


Maduro won a second term in a May election widely regarded as undemocratic.


The European Commission has supported humanitarian efforts in Venezuela, providing 34 million euros in 2018.


“We are stepping up our emergency aid to help the most vulnerable, who lack access to food, medicines and basic services and have been forced to leave their homes,” said EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Christos Stylianides.


Stylianides added that the bloc would also help those, who have fled the country.


More than one million Venezuelans have fled the country to neighbouring Colombia, while others have sought refuge in Peru, Ecuador and other countries in the region, in what the commission called the largest migratory flow ever recorded in Latin America.


The EU funding covers emergency healthcare as well as access to safe water, sanitation and education, while also addressing the need for protection, shelter and food, the commission said.


It also announced plans to open a humanitarian office in Caracas.


The bloc as a whole has not recognised Guaido but is calling for “free, transparent and credible” elections and has set up a contact group to that effect.



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  1. President Maduro voluntarily called for early elections under pressure from outsiders. He still had years left of his legitimate elected position of authority but he volunteered to abide by the results of an early election. The opposition did not want new elections they wanted his resignation so they refused to participate in the elections i.e. they didn’t vote. Now they are calling it an fraudulent election because they didn’t vote and Maduro’s supporters did. Maduro and his supporters participated in a democratic election which the opposition had every opportunity to participate in as well but opted not to in protest. The opposition did not want a democratic answer they want full regime change to replace the democratically elected (twice) president with an opposition leader who has declared himself president with absolutely NO vote to ascertain the majority of the populations wishes. I am not claiming to know who is the better leader for Venezuela, I am not Venezuelan, but I do know that the countries interfering with the democratically elected leadership and backing a non-democratically elected usurper who no one at all voted for, are NOT supporting democracy, they ARE supporting a coup and a forcible regime change brought about with the help of powerful outsiders with vested interests in Venezuelan natural resources and an un-elected activist group. There may be legitimate arguments for Maduro to be voted out, but everyone needs to quit trumpeting the self-righteous “saving democracy” line because you are not, you are supporting a coup, period. If anyone truly cared about the humanitarian aid getting to the people they could unload it and leave so the Venezuelan military could inspect it and move it into the country when if deemed safe. There have also been numerous other articles detailing the humanitarian aid that has already been arriving and been dispensed coming from Colombia into Venezuelan. One local facility is set up and serves breakfast and lunch for free daily, it’s not a lot but it’s far from starving the people. Additionally, Venezuelan’s are crossing freely into Colombia to retrieve humanitarian aid so it is not being kept from the people. Insisting the military stand down and allow hordes of opposition supporters to escort convoys of US trucks freely across the border is insane.

    There is more than half of the population of the US who vehemently oppose the Trump presidency and don’t feel the election was legitimate due to foreign collusion and voter suppression. What if some hardship were to befall the US and those opposing POTUS forged an alliance with a powerful like minded outsider(which is treason) with a vested interest in regime change and used humanitarian aid delivery to escort them into the country ? Would you still support it? I suspect most would not. It shouldn’t be supported here either. But, for the love of God, if you are going to support this call it what it is, an invasion and regime change, do not hide behind “supporting democracy” because that is the opposite of what your doing.


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