There is uncertainty in Igboland, especially in Imo State over the reported plan of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to observe a week sit-at-home beginning from Friday November 5th 2021.

Apparently aggrieved that their leader, Nnamdi Kanu has not been released, IPOB again declared another sit-at-home that will last one weeks.

Feelers are of the view that the new move of the group after the weekly Monday sit-at-home in Igboland is a subtle means to stop voters from coming out to vote on Saturday governorship election in Anambra.

The decision of IPOB to be declare sit-at-home for one week has led to new fear of what would happen in the various states. At various markets, bus stops and vehicles, the topic generating interest is the issue of the one week sit-at-home.

Already, those who fixed social engagements on the days mapped out for the one week sit-at-home have shifted their programs to avoid running into conflicts.

What has however occupied the minds of the people is whether the one week sit-at-home would work out or not considering the colossal socio-economic loss the region would encounter during the period.

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