Verified report from an authentic sources has it that over sixty (60) people were missing in jalingo,Taraba state for the past one month for boarding Tricycles, popularly known as Keke Napep

Investigation revealed that those whose dead bodies were recovered had some of their vital parts, like private organs and eyes removed. And some of the victims were students in school Uniforms.

Recently, three students of the same family were captured with school uniforms while returning home, one of them escaped, while two had their throats slit.

Another lady who had her 14th birthday got missing on same day only to be discovered few days later with her private part removed.

Another victim simply called Mamuda, who narrated his ordeal to the writer says, he boarded a keke Napep on his way coming home, the tricyclist stopped pretending to cheek the fuel level, adding that, he don’t know what happened thereafter, only to discovered himself somewhere; but that luck was on his side he was not killed.

Another man was said to have boarded Keke Napep, with his wife, on reaching one of the banks, he asked the Keke man to excused him make some withdrawal, that was all, the KEKE man made away with the woman nothing was heard about her till date. Another lady was said to have boarded Keke Naped on her way, they try to cease her phone, as she was struggling with them, they stabbed her twice and blood flows freely as they zoom off with her phone leaving her in the pool of her blood.

Most of the tricyclists were in positions of some dangerous weapons especially knives.

The police were not ignorance of these, instead of them to comb the streets of these bloodthirsty demons, they were busied asking for peanuts from them.

I am calling on the Commissioner of police in the State, to as matter of urgency take decisive measures to checkmates the activities of these tricyclists in jalingo.

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