Ignorance is the major cause of death, poverty and diseases…. Not witches.

My greatest blessing in 2021 was being accurately diagnosed.
I have been sick all my life but I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me. My biological mother has been sick all her life and thought witches were after her life. After my diagnosis, my mother opened up to me that her own mother became sick at age 40 and lived sickly until she died in her 80s.

Two of my uncles (a pastor and a soldier) died from complications of autoimmune diseases without knowing it. My mom again once believed enemies killed them but from my diagnosis which is genetic, she now understands that ignorance is the witch.

I have been eating the wrong food all my life because of ignorance…. As someone with autoimmune issue, I shouldn’t eat foods that contain Gluten like Bread, Noodles, Wheat based pasta, vegan burgers etc. Rice and Red meat shouldn’t have also been on my table. Soda drinks, Cow Milk etc should have long been banned from my fridge….. Unfortunately, these were the kind of Foods and drinks I’ve been consuming and unknowingly poisoning myself.

My years as a religious leader who prayed thunderous prayers didn’t heal me because PRAYER CAN NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM CREATED BY IGNORANCE.

Now I have been properly diagnosed…

I am completely in charge of my body now…

I now only eat ORGANIC, non Gluten, no preservative food…

And to be honest, I am alive again… I am on my way to complete recovery.

The many years of my ignorance has caused damages to my lungs etc but with time, my organs and tissues will heal.

Every sickness I’ve ever suffered can be traced to my autoimmune disorder – including a recent heart attack etc.

My ignorance would have cost me my life….

Already, some people were blaming my haters for launching spiritual attacks against me lol 😂… Africans are extremely superstitious.
I bought a new home, new car and was constructing another house one month before I got sick. So those around me said Envious enemies were fighting me 😂…. That was the dumbest thing I endured this season. I always ask “why don’t these witches attack the real wealthy people like Elon Musk 😂…why do they only have power to attack smaller boys like me?” Do you know the answer? Ignorance. We are VICTIMS OF OUR OWN IGNORANCE.

I am calling Africa and the superstitious communities out of their superstition… Wake up people.
I have stripped my life open for you all to see, observe and learn. I have not hidden my pains or fears. I’ve also not hidden my breakthroughs and transformations.

Your disease, poverty, pain, stagnation etc will not be solved by religious activities…. Never. Stop patronizing native doctors and fake prophets. You don’t need them. You need information. It takes INFORMATION to make progress. Seek for information.
Be informed about your health… Be informed about your ancestral medical history… Get to know your ancestral genetic truth – you are a branch of your parents and grandparents…. Seek information about financial systems….. Don’t look away from Crypto or emerging technologies… Seek to be informed lest you live and die in one spot when you could have soared like an eagle.
Ignorance is the major cause of death, poverty and diseases…. Not witches.

My greatest blessing in 2021 was being accurately diagnosed.

Be inspired by my journey and you wouldn’t have to make the mistakes I made. That’s the essence of this vulnerable posts.


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