Man kicks out wife and 1 month old baby.

DetailedGist: Husband kicked out Wife, Mother in-law and 1month old child

So today I was contacted by someone needing a cab to convey her and her belongings to Port Harcourt.

On further enquiry, her budget was just 10k. I told her no private car owner will take less than 20-30k to convey her exclusively to PH. That’s how the whole gist broke out. I was moved to help out because it wasn’t a planned trip and her life from the feel of her voice was in danger.

According to her, the husband was marking time for her and her mum to leave his house else he will throw out their things and lock his room and she wasn’t ready for such embarrassment in a public compound.

I understood how urgent their need was and instructed her to pick a Keke drop and get to my office at Ikot Ekpene Road with her belongings while I sent one of my staff to Itam Park to arrange a taxi for them. That she did in no time.

Well, there was no driver willing to go to PH on Charter for even 18k but we handled it. Both Mother, Mother in-law and child had arrived PH safely this evening. To God be the glory.

She and the husband met in Uyo. She was based in PH before marriage and was on a visit to Uyo for a job when they met. 5 months later, they got married. Next month will make the marriage exactly one year.

The lady didn’t really know the man she was dating because she usually visited over the weekend and return to PH for her work. Reality became clear upon marriage and they moved in together.

From beating to getting locked out of the house, kitchen and starved for days during the pregnancy and even upon this delivery, this lady was experiencing a total different man from whom she dated and later got married to.

For instance, if there is a little issues, Husbandman will lock the kitchen and restrict her from entering certain places in the room, touching certain things and even cooking anything in the kitchen as her punishment.

His orders are final and he returns home at odd hours and she dare not complain without getting beat up. Sometimes even condoms are found in his pocket and she dare not ask questions. Just so the young marriage fit work.

He has been refusing meals for day and yesterday on the Mother in-law complaints, he ordered the Mother in-law to leave and ensure she leaves with her daughter (his wife) else he will kill her and the baby.

He even carried the baby and threatened to throw away last night, so young mother and baby had the bed for him and slept on the floor. This morning, he woke up early and ordered them to start packing that he wants to lock his house. Well they had no option than to leave.

I don’t have a problem with all of these.
And nobody should tell me to hear from both parties cos am definitely not interested.

My problem is why on earth would a man, collects and lock up the clothes and items he bought for his innocent child?

Like the lady left without picking the baby clothes and personal effects because he locked them up in the wardrobe and warned her not to dare near there? 🤔

Women are really going through things in the name of marriage.

How can a man even beat up a woman who just put to both one week after?

Locked her out of the kitchen and she starved all day, that she used a Neigbour’s kitchen to prepare noodle to eat.

And last night, slept on the floor of a veranda in the room with a 1 month old baby.

I just feel no matter what a lady must had done, this is evil, wicked and unjustifiable.

This is not right.
No one should try justifying this.

Source: @Oga Yenne

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