I do not write to impress, niether do I write to wow or mesmerize you, I simply write to educate you and also to help you make a better decision as you kick start your journey in Odinala and Omenala Igbo, yes I write to help you avert or avoid dangerous mistakes which could ruin your life in this journey, for it is my destiny to know, and what is the use to know if it can’t be used to save. Many have actually lamented that why is it that after certain Spiritual works, instead of things getting better it even gets worse, some will say that they have done so many spiritual works but yet all to no avail. Now listen and listen good, a number of reasons for such could be poor handling of the work and not working in accordance with the prerequisites or dictates of such job. Certain rituals handled inappropriately can even provoke the entities whom you were meant to appease and they may end up attacking you more instead of blessing you. so please i advice you once more; avoid quarks.

Being a dibia is not just about giving offerings to a deity or deities that called one to service, it’s not just about ikpe iru oma in waters or before deities, just know this for sure today; that anyone be you dibia or ofeke can actually visit waters for ikpe iru oma and it will work perfectly ok. So it is not a criteria for ascertaining a good dibia or a bad one, be it the so called new month ritual, new moon ritual, bla bla bla etc. Those are things that anyone, just anyone be you dibia or ofeke can do for your self or for anyone. But when it comes to matters such as Spiritual spouse, Ogbanje, iru Agwunsi, ikpu aru, iru Oru otu ogbo, umuada, etc this is where dibias are known. Not in visiting deities and offering sacrifices to them. Now back to the topic ~ Spiritual spouse.

  1. Do you have sex in dream or what they call frequent wet night which you are certain is out of biological disorder
  2. Do you have special or periodical dislike or hatred for opposite sex.
  3. Do you have that inexplicable habit of always disliking someone after having sex with such a person.
  4. Do you have issues in getting pregnant or always having miscarriage, in some cases after someone must have hit your stomach in what looks like a dream, or after a fight in dream.
  5. Are you having unnatural delays in marriage, in such a way that you are certain that it is not a question of your bad character or any other thing.
  6. Are you having set backs in businesses
  7. Did you suddenly notice a setback in businesses or notice Spiritual attacks in dreams after marriage, or even start having attacks or setback after sleeping with certain women or men.


Then I advice you consult a very good dibia afa, not the social media type, so as to ascertain where it is coming from, but I tell you in all honesty that Spiritual spouse be it yours or that of your partner could be the cause of all this. Yes you can get beaten up in dream by the Spiritual spouse of your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband if he or she is a strong one and when you wake up in the morning you begin to feel the pain. Yes my Spiritual queen has done that to many girls in the past so I equally speak out of experience. When you notice that setback in businesses while dating a new girlfriend or after marriage, plz pay close attention to the Spiritual spouse of your partner or yours. Spiritual spouse can cause premature dearth if you don’t know, cus there is absolutely nothing one can’t do out of jealousy.


just as the name goes, it is our partner be it wife, husband, fiancee, fiance, boyfriend or girlfriend which we made for our selves in the beyond before we incarnated or reincarnated into this physical gross material world of time and space. Most of us here were already married in the beyond before we reincarnated, some even gat children, some were in a serious relationship, some were engaged or betroded before incarnation or reincarnation. Just as we know it, Uwa bu Ahia, in other words, to incarnate or reincarnate into this physical gross material world is as good as one going to market to buy things. But most of us once we come here, tends to forget where we reincarnated from and the agreements we had there, we forget our wives, children etc and then begin to live here as if this earthly life/birth here was our very beginning of existence. Now when these our wives, fiance, fiancee, girlfriends and boyfriends waits for us till the number of duration time we told them we will stay here on Earth(Market) and we did not return home (Die), then they will come visiting to actually know what is keeping us here on Earth. Most of them when they visit and find out that we have followed another woman/man, then just like what every married woman would do to a husband snatcher they begin to attack you and your earthly wife/husband. Do you blame them..? They are fighting for what is rightfully theirs. Your earthly wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend is more like a side chick/Sidecork cus you married her first and you have never brought it to her/his hearing or notice about your intentions as a man or woman to marry another, that is the case. So what do you do then..?

Now listen, there are four Different groups of Spiritual spouse, amongst this four are still many types too, some are being settled and appeased while others are purely done by extrication. Amongst this four groups We wave Nwunye Mmiri/Di Mmiri, We have Nwunye mmiri Eluala or Di Mmiri Eluala, We have Nwunye uwa/di uwa and also Nwunye uwa Ogbanje or Di uwa Ogbanje. The terms May differ from different parts of Igbo land due to Olu ndi. These and many more are the different types or groups of Spiritual spouses. The major challenges in handling Spiritual spouse matter is not just in the work alone, but also is in one identifying the given type or group that is disturbing the patient. For each and every given type of Spiritual spouse gat a unique mode of handling and it’s special demand too, and any mistake in handling it so breeds more problems.

No amount of prayers from pastors or Rev can deliver one from Spiritual spouse, if you like shout incubus and succubus from now till thy kingdom come, you are only compounding your problems. Simply contact Obi ihe or any good dibia that truly understands the arts in handling this matter, do so and free yourself from the burden of Spiritual spouse. Do you know that Some Spiritual wife/husband if settled properly can actually help make one very successful in this very life we live..?, Now you know.

Just Stay away from quarks and stop complicating your lives at the hands of social media pastorprenuers and dibiaprenuers.

The Words of the Lord

From Obi Ihe☀️ to you
By Okechukwu Okoro
The Gods are wise.

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