The outcome of Anambra election :peter Agba kalu.

The outcome of Anambra election showed a positive sign. All attempts to truncate it and make the people not to turn up failed. The turnout was massive, l mean massively massive. Anambra State has shown the world why they’re the leading light in Igbo land. Love them or hate them, Anambra people are special breed, they’re blessed by God. Envy them at your own pain. Them no send you. I move.

All the killings and negative injections of information was meant to frighten the masses and create room for external forces to impose a governor on them. Some of our own IGBO people, and some who even pretends to be fighting for our good cause were part of these 😈 devilish plan. But, Anambra people showed courage. One of the excuses we give in the past was about rigging, which was right. But the massive turnout and the extra steps to police their votes showed that power is gradually going back to the People, it will not be business as usual. Let other IGBO states near from this. If the type of killings and spread of negative information was done in Abia, Imo or Enugu, the streets and polling boots could have been deserted. In Aba, they’re still in lockdown every Monday, other states has moved on after IPOB lifted it. But, Aba? That’s actually the real IPOB headquarters. IPOB has a very strong organized system there. 85% of Aba traders are IPOB, especially, Nnamdi Kanu sympathizers. Well, he’s from my state and it’s understandable.

The Masses are wiser now, if the people keep it like this then with time the politicians will as a matter of must, go back to the People to gain their confidence, the usual rigging of elections in this Country might not work in time to come.

Calmly listen to the voice of the people counting the vote and screaming APGA! APGA!! APGA!!! Now, tell us, what is your next excuse against the Anambra election? The will of the people is being carried out.

If Soludo succeeds, which l trust he will, the agitation will mellow down because bad leadership over the years lead to it.
Let’s rush back to the vote counting before Andy Uba and his APC touts rush in to steal it.

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