Dear air passengers!

Dear Nigerians,
Please learn to respect yourselves when you travel. I just got off an international flight and felt embarrassed to be a Nigerian.

Stop fighting to board. Simple etiquette requires that you wait for your boarding group to be called and when that happens, do not jump the line (preschool kids know this). Your seat has been assigned to you; it’s yours. Everyone will board before that flight takes off.

You don’t have to fight for space in the overhead storage; they will gladly check your luggage in (at no cost) if there’s no space left.

During taxiing, if you cannot wait to get off the aircraft before using your cellphone, please save us the loudness. Talk to the person on the other end, not your co-travelers.

When it’s time to disembark, learn to patiently wait for the row before you to leave first.
Show some manners! #airpassengers #airtravel #mannersmatter #socialetiquette #etiquette #phoneetiquette #respect #aircraft #cabincrewlifestyle #cabincrew #cabincrewlife

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