Hi Strong Woman
Hello Nice man

Are you not tired of being used and dumped by people all the time? Guess why they do it?

Cos they believe that you are strong and can survive anything
Cos they know that you are nice and can drown for them like Jack in Titanic
Cos you will give people your last penny
Cos you will wake up in the middle of the night to go pick them up from anywhere
Cos you will stay hungry and watch them eat
Cos you hide your tears from them but clean their tears
Cos you wanna see people happy all the time even at your own detriment
Cos you be mumu or maga

Today I’m telling you, from one human to the other, as long as you are tagged NICE OR STRONG, you will be receiving disappointments, heartbreaks, betrayals, over and over! Infact, the minute you say one ‘NO’ to them after a hundred ‘YESs’, you become a terrible person. You almost always attract people who need, need, and need, people who take, take, and take. You attract them cos you are such a nice person and you’re very strong. Fck that!

Oh…you think givers never lack? Yeah right
One day you are going to look back and wish you weren’t tagged strong or nice. E no dey pay! Learn to say YES and NO at your own convenience. This way, you won’t even care if they paid you back or not. You did it cos you can and want to…not because you are supposed to be nice.

If you wear that tittle like a perfume, my dear, you will die young from BEING TOO NICE AND BEING STRONG. If you must be nice, make sure that the people whom you are always there for are there for you too. Being nice gets you underpaid for a job or contract, it makes you the errand boy/girl at work, it makes you get duped, and finally it gets you a recognition for being the NICEST PERSON THEY EVER KNOWN.

This post is not about you that wants to be nice….be that nice person if you want. Some people actually enjoy being drained.. One day we will come and eat jollof rice under canopy and call you NICE, maybe do a nice statue in the center of your village to remember you nicely.

FYI: Been there, done that! I no dey nice and I no dey strong….I soft like bread👩🏽‍🦯

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