This is where we are now in Ala Igbo, all in the of hustling to make quick money.

Umuazi jezi sibe OKITE! 😢😢

Many young people out there are now without life in them, they are just existing and no longer living; many of them have unknowingly tied their family and generations unborn to diabolism, in their quest to get rich quick; worst is that most parents even aide their children in such evil.

There’s pure difference between Odi na Ala and Ọgwụ – many of the young people today disguise Ajo Ọgwụ as Odi na Ala and claim they are going back to their roots, upeeeh, they are instead leading themselves astray and boasting pridefully in evil.

I wonder whom the offshoot of their today’s crime and evil would be blamed on.

Large percentage of youths and young adults in South East are now impotent with many others a skeletal structure walking as human.

The result, perhaps consequences of our today actions would be passed down to the generations after us, same way we inherited the good and fault of our own forebears; while many of us are still trying so hard to right their wrongs, others are on crime accumulation spree.

Odi na Ala and Ajo Ọgwụ enwero mmeko – Ignorance will never be an excuse.

Nke onye metalu owelu isi ya buru.
Ihe Onye mara, mara kwa ya.
Aka m di ocha.

Our young boys who are into yahoo yahoo plus now go to native doctors to do human sacrifice for them to make money real quick. All the pots you see there contains parts of hu!man bo!dies. They call it pot of wealth. The more it boils, the more the riches come. It has great consequences. But these people don’t care. They just wanna make money and live for a while. Nsogbu di.

Though some from other regions also do something like this in their own way but I am majorly worried about our own people and if this post can save some persons from this…

BY Uloka Chukwubuikem

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