Being otelectual is involuntary in Nigeria.. you don’t know when you become one.. it just happens on you..
Supporting Nigeria or Biafra does not make nor mar otellectuallism if you are one..
In the same vein, there are intelligent Nigerians.. we also have intelligent Biafrans..
There is a type of otellectual we need to be very sensitive about.. They support the realisation and Freedom of Biafra. They are even more passionate about it than you.. but once in a while, that involuntary otelletualistic jerk comes into play.. He will says things that will shock you.. like, “if the people sit at home and don’t come out to vote, APC will win!”
Read that again..
If the people don’t come out..
APC will win..
So what was counted that gave APC Victory? Goats, houses or the people at home?
How?? Why did a sit at home Fabian Markovich only APC and not PDP nor the rest of the 73 parties??
APC voters squeezed themselves out?.. then why didn’t PDP voters do same.. or is PDP voters taking direct instructions from IPOB..
My GrandMaami best adage when we go to farm those days was, “a bad work man always quarrel with his tools”
Ife N’eme Anyi Si Anyi N’aka but we always want to blame PDP VS APC for it.. until we unilaterally make a statement.. we can’t make a point..
This is the Lamentations Of A Bishop…

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