When you visited your partner, you never expect to make a shocking discovery that will just freeze your spine, you walk around the house freely not suspecting anything, you open the drawers, Cupboard and the fridge without even thinking that you may be in for a nasty surprise, but a young woman came across a shock of her life after she spent a night with her boyfriend. In the morning, the guy decided to go to the shop to get airtime and the lady decide to make some breakfast, when she opened the fridge to look for something to cool, she was welcomed by a human hand, and she could not believe what she saw. According to a Tweet by Man’s NOT Barry Roux @AdvoBarryRoux, a 26 year old man from ProteaGlen was arrested after several human body parts were found in his fridge, the arrest comes after the guy’s girlfriend made the gruesome discovery and alerted the authorities.

It is reported that after the man realised that he is now in trouble, he reportedly tried to commit suicide, but he did not succeed, he lived and will have his day in court to account for the body parts he kept in his room.”Several body parts were discovered in a fridge in Protea Glen, Soweto. The gruesome discovery was made by the suspect’s girlfriend. The suspect tried to commit suicide when police enforced the arrest. The body parts were discovered by the suspect’s girlfriend this morning, this is after her men went to buy airtime and she opened the fridge wanting to prepare something to eat and she was welcomed by a human hand. The woman had visited the man last night at his backroom, ” the Tweet reads

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