Dear @Efesco3,

You wait for him to finish his tenure, then use international law to make Buhari pay for his crimes, like it happened to Charles Taylor, Omar el-Bashir, Habib Bourguiba, Hosni Mubarak, and Hissène Habré. Take it from me, Buhari will retire to prison!

Even Buhari knows I am not a coward, and I don’t talk anyhow. I have a will of steel. My willpower is much stronger than his. I am led by conscience, he is led by ego. And I am a meticulous record keeper. Other than making it into God’s kingdom, my greatest ambition in life as of today is to live long enough to visit Buhari in prison and ask him how he is enjoying the “other room”!

BuhariForPrison2023 #LekkiMassacre #EndSARS

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