1. Never date your friend’s wife, for you expose yourself to death;
  2. Before you close the door to sleep, check if you haven’t forgotten something outside;
  3. If your friend earns a living, be happy, and the doors will also open your turn;
  4. Do not speak too much before your elders, but listen to many;
  5. If you find a wise father or a wise mother, consider them your real parents;
  6. If your friend gets married, be glad because your turn will come;
  7. If someone wants you to help them, don’t hesitate if you have the opportunity to, because you never know about the future;
  8. Do not criticize a poor, for they can become rich in the future;
  9. Don’t crave a rich man when he drives by carriage, for you don’t know the source of his income;
  10. Respect your prayers there is a good sign that shows your appreciation to your creator the good Lord.
  11. Be thankful for the slightest benefits someone has done for you if you want to go far in life
  12. Don’t keep a woman who disrespects you, because disrespect is the sign of many betrayals

Have a nice week ahead everyone

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