Hello guys,
This young lady has been roaming about in FESTAC for up to a week now. She appears slightly demented but has been consistent with some information about herself. Her name is Inemesit Akpanobong. She said she lives in
Alagbado ope-ilu, estate 3 opposite London street. She mentioned
Pastor doctor Joe Solomon as her general superintendent. She is at multiple risk as she continues to roam without any form of shelter. Kindly contact this number if you know how we can reach her family. 08027249306. Please repost this information until it reaches her family. Thank you.

Please it would help if there was a way to make this go viral so that her people can locate her. She looks fresh into the streets and appears to have a mild degree of dementia. She also said that men have been attempting to touch her. I am worried about ritualists too.
It is difficult to keep her in one place because she just wants to roam about.
Please let’s circulate this information so that she can be found, thank you.

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