I finally met with Ajuese, the widow who was stripped naked by some animals in human form.

I was led to her family house, where I met her, her mother and relatives.

Her story is more pathetic than I was told 😢😢

They took her phone, forced her to hand over her late husband’s ATM card and pin, immediately her husband was confirmed dead.

They probably knew that’s the account where she has all her life savings, since they use one bank account. And through her business, she makes more money than her husband who’s a local musician

8-9yrs of childless marriage and all she got was to be stripped naked on allegation of adultery. Which her husband never complained of or noticed.

I will be back with full details of what happened and what Police is doing currently.

I repeat: stripping women naked is not a culture or tradition in Aguleri!!!

All the animaIs who did that to this woman, must be punished under the law and by God!

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