According to Anwulika Udanoh.Let’s correct some lies being spread around.

1) What was done to Ajuese IS NOT a culture/tradition in Aguleri. It has never happened anywhere in the Omambala region and we will fight to prevent an repeat of this shameful act

2) Her husband did not die DURING or AFTER sex. He has been sick for weeks and it’s Ajuese and some of his relatives that were taking him from one hospital to another herbalist.

3) There was a medical check report that notes that the man blood level is short. He was on medication which didn’t help his condition.

4) The native doctor who consulted Afa to know the cause of the SICKNESS which defied orthodox and herbal medicine DID NOT TELL anyone to strip her naked. He prescribed what they call IKPU ALU which they went to do at Ajana Ukwu Aguleri shrine.

5) The Aguleri elders at Ajana Ukwu shrine DID NOT ORDER OR SUPPORT what was done to Ajuese. They warned the youths to take Ajuese back to her family, after swearing to the oath that the man who made sexual advances at her on 3-4 occasions didn’t penetrate her but fondled her and orgasmed on her laps. An act we all condemned but which DOES not deserve what was done to her.

6) The people who beat and stripped Ajuese are members of her late husband’s family, starting with her sister in-law and her group of female friends. The men took over by abusing her private body parts as seen in some pictures. It was never an act planned by Aguleri youths.

7) That the First Lady is now involved in the case does not and will not stop justice being pursued. As at this morning, some arrests have been made and we are proceeding with more arrests today, tomorrow and until all the culprits are behind bar!

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