1. E don red! Did u watch that video circulating? Hmmm new armed group BMSG emerges in East and warns all politicians from East to resign immediately or face the music. They said they are coming for them one by one if they don’t resign by 16th, that if they like let them go hide at Abuja, that they are coming.
  2. They asked all traditional rulers to come out and protest for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and all Biafrans in incarceration.

They also asked church leaders to join too irrespective of your creed and denomination, that they all must come out and protest and speak up in dailies and TVs for the release of Mazi. That they have compiled a list of all clergymen in East.

Failure to do so on or before 13th to 16th respectively, they will come for them in a way different from what bokoharam is doing.

Please everyone stay safe and be mindful of your family members. Control your movements especially those unnecessary ones.

I support the release of Nnamdi Kanu and I wish this government should release him without the drop of a blood, or before things gets more messy. He is an innocent man.

Everybody is fed up in a country that is not working. The government should try other means to douse tensions because violence or force is not the solution. People are already angry and fully frustrated with situations.

And you don’t approach such people with brute force. No way! Else you will mess up the whole country. Let’s not go through this route of war. Release him, just release him.

The marginalization against the igbo man in the scheme of things is too obvious for everyone to just keep quiet. Him speaking up doesn’t mean u should kill him.

You hate his people, you the government hate igbos and you have never hidden that. You dished out hatred and formemted it via your body language, unjust acts against ndi igbo and via your infamous maxim “5% percenters”. Free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu abeg. You can’t be beating a child and not want him to cry.

JUST RELEASE MAZI NNAMDI KANU SIMPLE. HE DID NO WRONG….the suffering is too much already.

Peace ✌️ we want not war

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