I have made some investigative inquiry and discovered 5 people who have allegedly been paid by Chinmark.

Even the N1.3million receiver whose receipts are flying around said she got it. I tracked her down

So why haven’t you made a post about it”? I asked. She said she never posted it because she never talked about it even when it was not paid. Fine! I can’t agree less. You maintained privacy all through. (I can’t reveal chats). She equally wondered why people aren’t posting about the alerts they received with same energy of criticism. Well let’s leave it there.

But the rest I had interview with confirmed it strongly with proof that they have been paid. So why haven’t you made a post about it? Checking your wall you have been crying, shouting, firing all cylinder.

Why are you quiet after you got paid? Is it not fair too if you come out and say “oh finally I got paid”? Couldn’t your conscience scratch that? Are you being fair to the company at this point?

Well I just had to poke their conscience a little bit.

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