They will rent a duplex, the upstairs is a hostel while the downstairs is a “hospital”. The professionals will build a guest house and another building for hostel then they open a restaurant but mostly a beer parlour.

These women go to the village and hunt for teenagers then lie to the families of these teens that they need helps and they’ll promise them education then give them enough promises and convincing that will make their parents give them out.
These girls are brought to either Lagos or Aba or wherever and they’re examined (who is a virgin and who is not). They feed them healthy meals and employ them in their restaurant or parlour.

So many men visit these locations but mostly p:rverts especially the rich perv:rts. They have s¥x with these teenagers and get them pregnant(unknown to these men).

The hospital has a doctor, nurses and everything you think that makes up a basic hospital. What they specialize on is PREGNANCY!. They’ll tell you that you’ll get pregnant even if you’ve been trying for 50yrs. They’ll give you rules and regulations and because you yearn to have your baby you’ll definitely obey them.

  1. They ask you how many babies you want and their prices aren’t cheap. The cheapest in Lagos is 1M for a baby of any gender. Twins is 3M.
  2. They book you for your treatment and this treatment is injections and drugs. What this injection and drugs do is that it makes your hormones behave like a pregnant woman. For the next 5months there’s no difference between you and a real pregnant woman.
  3. You’ll come again for another treatment but this time they give you injection that pumps or rather bloats your stomach. At this stage you’ll start looking pregnant with protruding tummy.
  4. They’ll instruct you never to go for ante natal elsewhere cos the Indian treatment doesn’t need any other hospital to handle your condition.
  5. They’ll warn you never to run scan and once you do you’ll lose the pregnancy cos the treatment reacts to the scan cream and machines.
  6. They’ll strongly warn you that if you delay payments the baby will remain in your tummy without labor. They will only remove the baby once payment is confirmed.

What you do not know is that when they make you pregnant, it is those teenagers that are really pregnant. When you enter 9months they’ll ask you to visit the hospital every week. When the teenager goes into labor, they call you and tell you that you need to come take your treatment and when you go they’ll give you drugs or injections to make you feel sharp pain like menstrual cramps. You too will be happy and start shouting that you’re in labor.

They go ahead and sedate you and when you wake, your fake baby is laying beside you. If it’s twins, you’ll be holding two different babies.

If you can’t afford to balance your payment you end up carrying the “pregnancy” for years.

This practice is what many agencies do. Deceiving vulnerable women who are trying to conceive. And when the teenager has given birth to at least 6 babies and more, they take her back to her parents.

I thought to share so you all can be careful.

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