In the Year 2017, A 27 years old Boy woke up one morning and VOWED never to have anything to do with POVERTY again!

He swore to Make it by Hook or Crook!
Then he birthed ChinMark which is a combination of his two names!
The Rest they say is history!

Kings bowed before him!
Clergies worshipped him!
Women kowtowed!
Both Married and Single!
To the Young boys he was a God!
I didn’t personally believe his business would crumble!
I also didn’t believe that his business model was sustainable!
I only believed that he was into some “Illegal” business like Advanced Fee Fraud a.K.a Wire Wire, Drug peddling , Money Laundering etc which he was struggling to use the “ChinMark” businesses and Noise to cover up!
Yes the Noise and Media Frenzy was much so I felt he trying to cover up something more illicit.
But let me ask you guys how did this young boy manage to run Thousands of Nigerians street like this?
I even learnt that Many legislators in Enugu invested their Constituency Projects Money there!
Even his Victims are scared to lift a finger to fight for their money!
How did this small boy do this bikonu?

Edu bobo Greet your native Doctor for me oooo or Sorry I forgot it was “GRACE”

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