Shola Kuti Wrote To Bola Tinubu on Presidential ambitions 2023

“But it’s hard Sha. You want to be President
Your wife is a Senator. Your Daughter is Iyaloja
Your Son is Advertising Guru for State Accounts. Your Newspaper is the official organ for several South Western States. Your TV station is the official paid propaganda channel of several southern states.

“You collect Tax Revenue as a Consultant for Lagos State. You own almost all the remaining valuable real estate in Lagos. You own a private Hospital inside the State Teaching Hospital in Ikeja.

“You own burial grounds and mortuaries with your wife in Lagos. Your wife is the official supplier of Diesel to all Lagos state formations and generators powering all street lights in Lagos. You control directly all the machinery of Government in at least 6 states.

“Unless there is something else that is wrong with you and your head, what are you looking for in the Presidency? If you have managed the resources and states you control very well, we would be the ones calling for you to be President.

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