Precious Omagha Uche Wrote 🥰👇

” After my accident in 2014 it took me 3 years to accept my new reality and move on with my life.

To conceal my scars and amputated hand, I used scarf to cover the affected area for 3 years, it also served as a measure to avoid any occasion that’ll make me feel inferior.

A lot of people talked to me about summoning the courage to reveal what has now become a part of me, but it was a hard decision that’ll take time for me to make, I couldn’t even go to the gate with my scarf nor go to buy something in our street. It seemed as if I was ushered into a strange and rather unbelievable reality.

Now fast-forward to day before yesterday, I eventually found enough courage to wear a singlet and even went out with it, something I never tried in 9 years.

Even though at some point, I stopped using scarf to cover my hand, I never wore a sleeveless clothe no matter how fine the dress was, and even when I put on one, I always used jackets to cover up because of the scares on my hand, there are just too rough mehn.

So , when I finally wore a sleeveless clothe a couple of days ago and took the pleasure of going out with it, I felt so good about myself, but you need to see the myriads of reactions I was receiving from people who saw me, the looks were full of questions that needed some kind of immediate answer 😂😂.

Too many eyaaaa, chia, pity, sympathy, side talks, and the likes. Some where bold enough to stop me and asked me what happened to me, to such I just smiled and simply said it was an accident.

Having summoned courage to do what was initially impossible for me to do, I feel liberated and empowered to break more limits, so help me God. “

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