“He Should Have Used Speed Darlington”- Igbo Man Tackles Obi Cubana for Signing N50m Deal With Portable”

Read below. 👇 👇

Cubana hapuru onye dika Speed Darlington ghotara ife bu “Odogwu” and rushed to dash Probable 50m for ambassadorship.

Igbo people and their reasoning sometimes.

“Odogwu” is an Igbo expression that means “A man of great esteem. A distinguished man. A valorous man…”Tell me how portable fits this. A drug addict who has been caught by security agents stealing has all of a sudden become an ambassador. Someone who needs therapy to tame his hallucinations is the face of an Igbo brand.

We as Igbo people should ensure that our decisions are bereft of smelly sentiments.

A Yoruba man will not jump his brothers to give an Igbo man ambassadorship and that is how it should be. We as igbos have an adage that says “Ebe onye bi ka ona awachi” (where one resides is where he nurtures), a witty Igbo remark that illustrates the nursery attitude of care and consciousness of whichever environment an Igbo person finds himself.

Let us continue living without consciousness. Let us keep sacrificing our “Essence” on the altar of capitalism.

This thing has been boiling in my mind and this is the best way I could express my disappointment.

If you come here to say “You don’t tell people what to do with their money”, you will tell me if that is all you understood from this.

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