⚠️ Mocking Chinmark investors is dangerous. They are victims. They’re already traumatised & on the verge. Many were lured in by sweet talking influencers and the razzmatazz and displays of Chinmark. That many of us knew it it was ponzi and will surely come to an end does nor mean nanybof those investors knew Please, desist. Leave the already embattled investors out of the memes. Please.

Note: Imara nkaa, ima nke ozo? Any one us can be defrauded. No matter how brilliant and smart you are. No matter how exposed you are. You can be defrauded through someone you trusted deeply. You can be a victim of fraud at any given time. That you can see ponzi and know does not mean you can see another fraud and know. Have empathy! Even help them if you can.

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