” Normally, I should have just stayed off here and just fix everything so I can rest but I need to clarify this.
I appreciate that a lot are standing for me putting their integrity up here to defend me even though about 70% of people talking actually have a good knowledge of what I do, how I do them with fact from the RIGHT source. For this, I am grateful but what I need you to know is that SEC is not after my business. They are doing their job. I am someone who wants to get it right so if I knew the right way and got the right counsel earlier, I would have gotten it right with the government.

Again, SEC is not after my business. They are not witch-hunting. I have not ceased going there since it happened, and so far, I, my lawyer Ogunwumji, SAN of Afe Babalola’s Chamber, have been following their due process.
The only people witch-hunting are those who want me to fix it with the government, gather back funds from the market or send goods to them, stay online and reply to their messages at the same TIME.

When I see how you stand up to defend, I honestly do not want you to be laughed at. So, it is my responsibility to make sure I get it right.
Thank you so much. “

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