This elderly, but callous woman was arrested in Kano for conniving with a teenager to gouge out the eyeball of an innocent street beggar(almajiri). The teenager approached this aged woman to help him with the powers to disappear anytime he likes. She told him to get a fresh human eyeball as one of the ingredients needed to prepare the medicine. He went for a vulnerable victim and a poor almajiri was his candidate for the devilish experiment.

Superstition is holding us back. Our people still believe in imaginary powers. Why does a teenager need the powers to disappear anytime and anywhere he likes? Why should an elderly woman be so cruel as to request for the eyeball of an innocent person for the preparation of the medicine? This innocent almajiri could have died if he had resisted. The criminally minded teenager picked on him because he was vulnerable.

Ironically, this incident also highlights the vulnerability of the almajiri. The life of the almajiri is a life of uncertainty and danger. The almajiri is at the risk of being recruited by terrorists or being killed by wicked people looking for human body parts for spiritual purposes. Allowing your child to become an almajiri in the street is grossly irresponsible. It’s criminal to produce children you can’t provide for and abandon them into the world to fend for themselves.

Written by Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga

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