I have sent you this post to help me please broadcast this news, all over social media, this is my sister-in-law who relocated to Scotland less than 4years ago, she came to lagos Nigeria yesterday by 8am, her younger brother picked her up from the airport and drove her home to her house in lagos, her husband came back home and set her and her younger brother who is an only son on fire around 3am midnight, chinyere Ogudoro, is a mother of four children and a masters degree holder from a UK university, her children are currently in Scotland, her husband is on the run, he told his sister to tell us that , the house was on fire and he escaped,

The younger brother gave up few hours ago and he said all that happened before he died, both chinyere and her younger brother are currently in the mortuary, he should come out from his hiding. He was having a quarrel with his wife and wanted to sell the house chinyere bought with her money and discovered his name was not on the document, it increased his anger and was threatening his wife, before her death. Her husband is based in Lagos where the incident happened. He has previously fought Chinyere with a matchet with led to separation for some years before they reconciled and came back together again, only for him to kill her this time around.

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