Dear Kings And Queens,

If you are engaged, seriously dating or about to marry someone who has lost money to Chinmark, Garri Scam, Benignant, Nwanyi Okuko, MMM etc, It will be in your best interest to pause, have a rethink and reevaluate your priorities.

The sad and undisputable reality is the fact that any grown-up adult who willingly commits his/her money to such glaring Ponzi and Psuedo-ponzi schemes is highly impressionable and poor in mind. Such a person is lacking in financial intelligence and street smartness needed to survive in our society and marrying such a character is a risk because there is a possibility that they will end up a financial liability who ordinarily should never be allowed near economic resources talk more of being allowed to manage them.

If you are yet to commit parmanently to such a partner who has displayed this level of daftness with money, I’d advise you to take things easy for now and if possible, Take a walk and redirect your interests elsewhere unless in rare cases where the said partner is genuinely willing to admit to his or her carelessness and make conserted attempt to be more prudent with money.

Going ahead to commit to an unintelligent person for the long term basis will not only put your family finances in jeopardy but you also stand the risk of raising unintelligent offsprings.

I have seen businesses and investments worth billions squandered and liquidated by such characters immediately the prudent spouse dies.

The occurance of this sad and underreported phenomenon is rampant an often times leaves the children from that union at the mercy of this wicked world.

Society may even start accusing the dead of belonging to one secret society or another in a bid to explain or justify the sudden liquidation of the deceased estate and legacies.

If you are already committed on the long term to such a person before you discovered such character flaw, please ensure that you avoid any form of joint business or operating joint accounts and never die intestate. Make adequate provisions for your kids just in case of “incasity”

Marrying an impressionable person remains a huge risk.

If everything her pastor says is law, run away else another will reap where you have sweated all your life while you helplessly languish in eternity.

Don’t institutionalize poverty in your family.

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