Not like I support yahoo yahoo but the anti graft agency needs to restrategies the opinion in this write up is Totally mine.

Personally I do not support the late night breaking into people’s apartments the noise nd fear it generates in the neighbourhood while trying to break open iron doors 🚪 is terrifying plz something needs to be done about it this is wher the EFCC needs to work on.

In the other hand the allegation of the EFCC arresting innocent young business men could be false Bcos I have encountered them in my apartment they searched my house nd searched my phone when they discovered I do legitimate business they allowed me to go back to sleep my door was not broken as I opened it for them but then I know in every 12 there must be Judas so I am not ruling out the possibility of the EFCC picking innocent citizens but I would rather raise a petition against someone than let EFCC disturb people.

My advice considering the fear they have raised in the streets I will advice they work with intelligent reports nd pick whoever they feel has crossed the lines silently without causing fears nd BP to pple I nearly died of heart attack from one of their operations around Spibath Road.

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