Truthfully many people working in banks are full time robbers. On this picture is 3-inches nails that was struck into the back tyre of the car belonging to one of my neighbors at the office while he parked inside a bank to make a transaction.

Yesterday morning, the man went to one bank to make a withdrawal. According to him, he parked his car inside the bank not OUTSIDE O. He went in to withdraw a sum of #1million naira in cash. According to him also, he was delayed in the banking hall before the money was given to him. After he came out and began driving back to his office, along the road, he noticed an unusual noise from the back tyre but because of the money he had in the car, he decided to manage it to the office. He didn’t know these guys were using bike to trace him. As soon as he parked at the front of his office, came down to check what was causing the noise, sharply, one of the guys on the bike jumped down, opened the driver’s seat and carried the whole #1million and in the same vein, jumped on the bike and they zoom off. Before people could call the attention of the man that someone has removed something from his car, it was already late. That was how the #1million disappeared like that.

When I got to the office, I saw people gathered. I asked the man the name of the bank he told me. I then asked him to report first to the police and that I so much believe that the bankers knows who those thieves are. By Monday if the bank doesn’t provide the CCTV footage of those guys who planted those nails into the tyre,I will mention the name of the Bank in capital letters. For the fact that the man parked his car inside the bank not OUTSIDE, it was a well planned operation from some elements inside the bank.

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