Man cries out as wife abandons him and their sickler daughter, travels abroad with boyfriend. ☹️☹️☹️ I’m 27, marry a girl 29. First she lied that she’s AA because I told her I’m AS.

My father wanted me to marry early because I’m the only child but he died after my traditional wedding.

Our babygirl is sickle cell. I ask how come. She said she doesn’t want to lose me and she lied.

My wife is a graduate while I’m not. I stopped at Primary 6 before learning trade. My wife said it will be good if we travel abroad, so I brought buyers to buy my land N13million.

I put it in her account to runs the visa while I do my business. She showed me international passport and said she’s going for interview for all of us.

My wife leave her phone and ran away not knowing that she travel outside with her boyfriend and leave my baby sickler for me. I was looking for my wife thinking she was kidnapped.

My N13million gone. I sold everything in my business. I’m now managing with my SS angel. Now she’s saying she dash me the baby. No mama, no papa. Only me in this world.

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