In the mist of all these noise, there’s only one Saint ever to come out of Russia. His name is Roman Abramovich. His heart is pure, his wealth is legitimate. Hate him or like him, he is the only friend of Putin that will make heaven.
This is one man every rich man in the world should emulate, he poured £1.5b Euro loan into the current best club in the world, being sanctioned out of no fault of his, he said, l ask not for repayment and when you sell my £3b worth of shares in Chelsea, use the money to help war torn families in Ukraine. Add all these to the over £1b pounds he spend in buying players, you’re talking about £5.5b pounds invested to make humanity happy.
UEFA should rename the UEFA Champions League Trophy after him. There’s no honour that’s going to too big for Abramovich. No other billionaire in the world can do that.
In fact, looking at his godly heart, love for humanity, contributions in making Chelsea the best club in the world, I will without contradiction say that ROMAN ABRAMOVICH is the richest man in the world.
Oya! Envy minds and all those nde obi ufu of obi akpor Arsenal, MANU, Looserpool, Barcelona local governments start crying and abusing at the expense of your data.

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