So they suspended this Imam for speaking truth to power. The Northern ulama are a funny and hypocritical group of pple. During the time of President GEJ it was very Islamic and very right to criricize and even curse his government for its failure to secure the lives and properties of the people.

Now it is unislamic to criticize and condemn the government of Buhari for failing to protect the lives and properties of the people. During GEJ it was always “This government is killing us, they are killing Muslims, we won’t take it, we must rise up and see its end, wannan tsinanne Kafurin, Allah ya tsine wa gwanmatin sa” people like Pantami openly said that God should destroy his government and bring GEJ to his end, they weren’t suspended, it wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t incitement.

If a Southern Christian becomes the next president after Buhari and all the insecurity problems continue, the same Ulama will tell you that criticizing the government isn’t wrong and will fully engage in it.

Religion has only become a tool of manipulation, division and causing confusion in this country.

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