There is nothing about women that I have not experienced . I just remembered how a facebook big girl flew from Abuja Nigeria on a delayed night flight that got her to arrive at my place at 2:00 am . On getting to my place she said she cannot share my bedroom that I should give her a separate room to sleep in.

I told her that I have no guest room for her , you don’t fly late night to go and see a man you want to get to know better and you are demanding a separate room on getting there . These are things you determine before you depart from your location and if sleeping arrangements are not agreeable you stay home .

Knowing how you sleep at night is part of me knowing someone . Sharing a bed does not mean you must poi. The babe called bolt at about 2:30am and went back to the airport and slept in the car until airlines opened and took the first flight back to Abuja and I was generous enough to pay her return ticket back . She is there making mouth with no money to pay for her hotel and return ticket back just to prove a stupid point. Anyway good riddance to bad rubbish . I should have told her jump inside a bus to Lagos and she can take the bus back .

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