Where is the Freedom of speech or worship ?

I’m 100% Aware Allah and Jehovah, are non-existent !!

When we speak Against Religion, it seems we are mad, How could A court of Competent jurisdiction Sentence Mubarak Bala to 24 years in prison For demanding evidence for God’s existence ?

But Boko-Haram Terrorists are Rehabilitated and placed on monthly Allowance !!!

Religion is A cancer to Africa’s Development !!

At a time other continents talk science and technology , Nigeria is talking about Blasphemy and useless God’s !!

Theists say we should keep our Beliefs to ourselves, But they only have the Right to Broadcast their’s On Radios, Television and the Noise pollution coming from churches and mosques, Disturbing the environment inclusive of the unbelievers !!

Religion (Islam and Christianity ) and hypocrisy are 5&6 !!

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