Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s Husband, Falegan, Announces Marriage Collapse.

Opeyemi Falegan, the husband of actress, Nkechi Blessing. Falegan, who said this during a Live on his Instagram page said that he has a name to protect and doesn’t want it enmeshed with any controversy.

He said, “I don’t want to be known for any notoriety or anything controversial. I have a name. My name is my pride.”I want to be known as someone who has added value to people, who will keep doing the good work for people.

“I have a name that I’m trying to protect here. Anything little thing, husband of, Where did you see the husband?”
Addressing the comments of her estranged husband, the actress said she would heed the advice of those saying she should keep quiet even though she still came online later in the night to get one over her estranged husband.
The accusation she held against Opeyemi Falegan:
-He was always on live video.
-A fake Honourable
-Never bought her a house as he claimed, he didn’t have any property and his mother still treks around.
-He enters economy flight and waits till the flight is empty then sneaks Into first class to take pictures for the gram after tipping the hostess.

-Actress, Nkechi Blessing

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