I met Mubarak Bala in 2017 at an ASN( Atheist Society Of Nigeria) conference inside Unilag.

I was a student then so I came in as a student delegate. I met a lot of amazing people/people of like minds for the first time. People like …

Abiodun Sanusi ( That stubborn journalist)
Victor Animashaun
Adeoye Oyedele
Odebudo Olayiwola ( Comedian/Oshodi Chris Rock)
Ade Doyin
Francis Ebere Emeafu just to mention a few.

Not forgetting the likes of Bill Flavell and Leo Igwe who were the guest speakers of the event alongside Mubarak Bala.

At the event, Bala told us about his struggle coming from an ultra-conservative Islamic family. He was once detended in a mental asylum by his very own family. I had a little chit-chat with him during the conference. He is the jovial and friendly type.

In 2020, He was picked up incommando by Islamic folks without access to a legal counsel or even his immediate family.

The wife was heavily pregnant when he was picked up. He couldnt even have access to his newly born kid who is now over a year old.

Again, He was sentenced to 24 years in prison by a High court in kano.

Infact, I am moved to tears typing all these right now.

So pathetic !!


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