Soludo needs to flush those criminals out. yesterdays action is a desperate attempt to show strength.

In 2006, Biamust, one of the most violent agitation groups in South East broke into Onitsha prison and released criminals. It was chaos after.

Everyone blamed MASSOB.

How did the then governor break their wings?

As of 2012, South East governors forum were informed that there were over 10 armed agitation groups in region. This was before IPOB was formed. I know some of the people that did that research but how did the governors take it? They thought the men came to join in the chopping of the National cake.

The other time, Abaribe said that there are more than 30 different agitation groups in the South East but what did we do? We told him to shut up.

Why am I refreshing your minds? It is for the state to take a holistic approach to the crisis. It is also for those who claim that those criminals are not indigenes of the state. Such denials will not allow them to be thoroughly circumspect.

Have you ever seen Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi utter any word about unknown gunmen, hoodlums, IPOB, Simon Ekpa etc? Do you know the level of military/ police operations that go on in Enugu every day against those hoodlums, especially in Nkanu area?

Why did Enugu get filled up on the eve of the November 6 gubernatorial election?

The breach in communication between the governors…….

Soludo needs to talk less and do more.

Break their wings.

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