I resign from my job in nigeria to Ghana to join a family friend, after informing my parents that I secured a job…. mean while I was ignorant of the job but due to the trust I had for my childhood friend, I believe he couldn’t hurt me. Sold my properties and my parents added to it….. Total was 750k…. Got to Ghana and spent 6months, later discovered that it was a NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY CALLED qnet… Took my bags and told him I was going… But to my surprise he was informing the people there about all my moves to leave… We fought and the qnet member’s invited polices for me and others that wanted to leave… But to the glory of God I’m back to my country and secured a better job…. Please be careful.. there is no secured jobs anywhere…. These Network marketing companies are using different methods to invite people to different parts of Africa… Please be careful… Not everyone is lucky to return home….. We left so many Nigerians there that refused to return because of fear of been called a failure.

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