Dr Justin left korra they hailed him, now reverse is the case and Allegedly they said she left julius agwu and everyone is not ok with it.

Do you know how traumatic and emotional distress one go through when their partner cheats on them???
Every time you cheat on your partner something inside them naturally dies and grow cold.

Sentiments aside, Majority of Women don’t forgive cheating and maltreatment from their husbands. They remember every details of how good and bad you treated them.
They wait patiently and gradually till there is no love left inside of them to feel for you before they make a move.
This lady her choices are still valid.
No public penis deserves to get vip treatment. The monster you all are calling the wife, the husband made her that way with his promiscuous attitude.

My advice is dear men stop being a public penis, disrespecting your vows and wives. torturing and maltreating her emotionally and otherwise. Shouting men are polygamous bullshi*t up and down and when the storms come you will leave your side chick’s and run back to the same woman you abused, maltreated and disrespected countless times for her to stand by your Side.
I heard The woman in question, She stood by his side and even funded his hospital bills abroad, along the line she got exhausted. A woman never forgets

If he was a good husband, she wouldn’t have left him there. he got what he deserves.
You reap what You sow and the way you lay your bed is the way you sleep on it.

You can disagree but please don’t insult me. My mental state matters😄😄

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