The day Ekwueme song was sung.

I had just joined my big sister in Dunamis Port Harcourt. It was in the regular monthly vigil and we had to connect with Abuja. So, Prosper Ochimana came to do a song ministration with Osinachi Nwachukwu. I didn’t know her. I knew Prosper from Abuja before moving to PH.

Ekwueme was first a ministration song before it became a hit gospel song; the regular ‘special song ‘ rendered during special programs without the intention of selling out I guess.

Prosper started the song.

We could feel the atmosphere changing.

Everything changed totally when Osinachi took over with the Igbo solo. Though I don’t understand igbo, the lyrics were boldly projected and subtitled.

I lost myself in worship. Everyone was chanting tongues of worship and fire. Tears rolled down my face. Apart from the day I got baptized of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, that was the second time I was feeling the presence of God moving in me the way it did that day. I didn’t care who was around and who wasn’t. It was an experience. My family and I went home with the experience to talk about. My big sister couldn’t explain, I couldn’t, my niece couldn’t either. That was my first experience with Osinachi. Then I heard “Nara Ekele mo” the one she did with Pastor Enenche himself. She wasn’t the regular singer but a “Gifted Worshipper”

And tonight, I just scrolled down the news feed and saw the news of her death and I shouted, “How?” “It’s a lie” “Jesus!” repeatedly. I still wouldn’t agree with the news until I saw people typing “RIP” up and down. I think she’s rejoicing. I have a feeling she’s peaceful wherever she is now.

If only we could stop weeping over her. Osinachi, Earth’s loss. Heaven’s gain


Eshi Ayo

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