Her husband no be am, I have encountered him once. A control freak whose only interest is how to maximize profit from her voice. I am not surprised, if she lived through abuse and refused to leave, that is really her problem. She is gone now. He is still here. I remember asking the person who brought him to my office, how did this woman end up with this man.. The way he even assumed he could boss me around in my own shop was wonderful. Whatever it is, death has happened. The cycle has been broken the living will learn. What will people say, what will the church say, what will the society say, you are a role model, they look up to you, trap . Nobody should look up to me, my potential to fuck up cannot be over estimated. Let me just shut up and hope it is Throat cancer and question why God will give someone who sings for him throat cancer , the rarest of oddities.

I am so hurt !!!! So hurt .

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