For the past 11 months Nigerians in the UAE have been unable to renew their work permit.

It all started as. Flight ban between both countries that stretched for months.

At first Nigerians thought it will be over soon as Nigerians contribute a lot to UAE tourism.

Gradually,reports started coming in on various Nigerian platforms that people are unable to renew their work permit.They various companies put in applications for work permit renewal and it doesn’t go through.

This went on till our visit visa was banned too. Nigerians couldn’t enter UAE with the 3months vist visa and they diverted to the family visa.

The Expo started in October 2021 and the Nigerian president came and left with out resolving anything.

Around January the UAE immigration opened up the Nigerian 3months visit visa, upgraded their labour laws but never lifted the ban on Nigeria work permit.

Nigerian diverted to making the “Partnership Visa” which allows you to stay legally in the country but YOU CAN NOT WORK WITH IT CAUSE IT DOES NOT COME WITH A LABOUR CARD WHICH IS THE WORK PERMIT.

The partnership visa is supposed to be a visa for small business owners . You get a 3 months visa and a trade license stating you have a business in the country, you do not get a work permit because it’s assumed you are working for yourself so you don’t need one.

A lot of Nigerians switch to this option because it allows them to stay legally without over stay(over stay is when your visa is expired and you didn’t renew), forgetting that they can’t work with it.

Some started merging with those that have valid visas as spouses (It’s called husband visa if you merge with a man and wife’s visa if you merge with a woman), now this is a better option cause you can work with this visa as long as the main visa holder has a work permit. The procedure includes fabrication of documents to show that you guys a marriage and live together.

My two cent:

A lot of agents and Nigerians in UAE keep deceiving Nigerians in Nigeria to come to the UAE that there is visa and work waiting for them, but you all deserve to know the truth that there is no WORK PERMIT EVEN WITH THE PARTNERSHIP VISA.

Free zone and government companies can’t issue you visas to as they too have been cut out recently.

Please don’t let anyone deceive you and take your money, NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO COME TO UAE.

A lot of Nigerians are losing their jobs cause they can’t renew, I have friends who have gone back to Nigeria or migrated to other countries just for this reason.

Please be careful and wise….
Now is not a good time to move to Dubai for greener pastures. Just come for vacations and go back. 🙏

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