Someone said if the lady had left her huzband, churches would refuse to call her to sing on their platforms.

This might true…

BUT she would be alive.

And if she had a bone of r.e.b.e.l.l.i.o.n in her, she would be alive and be HAPPY

She could attempt to release gospel songs even if it is on YouTube, and get that YouTube dollar!

She could write a memoir.

She could rid herself of the c.h.o.k.e.h.o.l.d of religion.

That alone would be a victory beyond words.

She could try at love again.

You know, have a chance to be with a different type of m.a.n – a kind man.

She would probably decide to do something entirely different with her life.

She could venture into the soft life, and shut all the razz opinions and criticism simply by living on her terms.

Don’t forget to join Tiktok and dance to your heart’s delight. E dey p.a.i.n enemies.

They will drag and drag and drag… while you live and live and glow!

She could have attempted a more liberating journey.

But she is d#ad now, for probably the lamest reason…

“Church will not let her sing as a d.i.v.o.r.c.e.e.”


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