My father was appointed an elder in the church by the church council members, the very day I reported to the pastor that my mom was hospitalized because he beat her so severely.

My mother was shocked when she heard the news from her hospital bed. When the pastor’s wife came visiting, my mother asked her “why” and she said, “my husband said they gave him the position, so they can monitor him closely.”

Some weeks later, it happened again. My father came back home and started beating my mother for not paying our school fees, she ran to the pastor’s house for help, the pastor said…

“Trust God, this is part of marriage…it is meant to strengthen your love for your husband”.

When she was about to leave, he called her back and he said ” psalms 91″ the wife added “psalms 40 “

That was how my mother returned home to face her horror. Every time it happens, she recites Psalms 91 and Psalms 40.

There came a day when my mother ran to the pastor for safety again… That was when pastor gave her the following instructions.

Fast for 21days…

Whatever happens within these 21 days, don’t be afraid. Recites psalms 91,

Take this anointing oil and sprinkle it on your husband’s clothes while you recite Psalm 40…by the end of the fast, you will see God’s wonders.

That was how my mother would recite Psalms 91 with swollen eyes and bleeding arms while still fasting.

The beatings didn’t stop… On the 19th day of the fast, my father caught my mother sprinkling anointing oil on his shirt and reciting psalm 40 on it. He thought my mother was trying to kill him by rituals and he smashed her head with his bottle of beer.

She fell unconscious and was in a coma for 2days. Later when she opened her eyes, she said

Psalms 91…and she closed her eyes forever.

Some months later, my father got married to another woman, our pastor while officiating the wedding, said to my Dad

“Behold old things have passed away…life must go on…”

Psalms 91.

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