Read Nigerians comments under Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State presidential Campaign video.

Ali Zeyam wrote ” Somebody that have ridicule kogi resources without projects and owing workers salaries, you need to come see the mess in kogi state, local government workers going home with one thousand five hundred as a salary, is that one a leader or selfishness u better trow ur . “

Jamielarh wrote ” Yaya bello is the biggest failure that happened to kogi state now bros wants to become the president….i laugh in Spanish🤧 . “

Jennifer Lami ” Why is Yahaya Bello ashame to show case his achievements in his presidential campaign ad, a small before and after pictures will do .”

Mc Henry ” If I’ll blame all the Dumb Adults in this Ad you see those School Kids? I’ll overlook them cuz they really dont understand better…but those Adults omo na better thunder o. “

Mendel ” I have no issue with the agbaya dem in the video, na the children wen dem use I pity pass. “

Megatron ” God abeg o! May I not have to throw principles away because of daily bread.
How do you watch this on the internet that never forgets when you didn’t mean it and after that money is all spent ? ”


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