Princess Geny Wrote 🙄
” Just because there is no light in my compound since yesterday , this evening I came to a nearby bar to charge my phone , these Army men came there also and immediately they sight me sitting alone , one of them came and told me his boss is calling me , which I said ” no ” .

The so called boss came with their cane and started beating me then told his boys to search for me after the disgrace, he asked his boys to carry me out of the bar .

That’s when the manager of the Bar came and intervene by apologizing on their behalf ….

Then, they left cursing me that they can do worse to me if I disobey them next time…..

Please, if I did anything wrong I need to know because right now, am so sad and I don’t know why Army men should treat citizen this way… “

HQ Nigerian Army what is the offense of this young Nigerian lady ?

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